Our Cause

The Courtnall brothers are committed to help take the stigma out of mental illness and it shows. Mental illness is increasingly recognized as a serious and growing problem with an estimated one in every five Canadians, close to six million, will develop a mental illness at some time in their lives. It’s imperative that we do what we can to raise awareness, engage the community, support treatment programs, and talk openly about mental health issues.

Past Achievements

Previous Courtnall Celebrity Classics raised funds for the Victoria Hospitals Foundation and helped create the Archie Courtnall Centre, which opened in October 2004. The 2011 Courntall Celebrity Classic raised $1.15 million for the new Patient Care Centre at the Royal Jubilee Hospital, as part of the Victoria Hospitals Foundation’s Building Care Together campaign. To date, the Courtnall Celebrity Classic Society has raised over $3 million dollars in support of mental health initiatives.