Legends of Soccer Charity Match

In celebration of Victoria’s 150th anniversary and Canadian Soccer Associations 100th anniversary, the Victoria Highlanders were proud to host the Legends of Soccer Charity Match with all proceeds directed to the Archie Courtnall Centre for psychiatric emergency services.

The match, between the Canadian Soccer Legends and the Greater Victoria Firefighters, took place July 29 at Royal Athletic Park. All of the Legends players have represented Canada at the international level and have significant ties to the local area. The squad also included some professional athletes  including Geoff and Bruce Courtnall.


Geoff Courtnall-Retired NHL Player
Bruce Courtnall-Retired Victoria Cougar
Doug Bodger-Retired NHL Player
Jamie Ben-Current NHL Player
George Pakos-1986 World Cup Team
Paul Dolan-1986 World Cup Team
Ken Garroway-Mens National Team
Frank Woods-Junior National Team
Carlos Almeida-Junior National Team/79 Youth World Cup
Rick Jaskins-Junior National Team
David Stothard-Mens National Team
Graham Lea-Mens National Team
Jacklyn Sawiki-Junior National Team
Jamie Lowery-86 World Cup Team
Ike Mckay-Mens National Team
Victor Kowelja-Mens National Team
Peter Zachary-Junior National Team
Tyler Hughes-Mens National Team
David CcCaig-Junior Natinoal Team-79 Youth World Cup
Nick Gilbert-Mens National Team
Ian Baird-Canadian Olympic Team
Buz Parsons-Mens National Team
Andrew Hooker-Youth National Team
Tracy David-Womens National Team
Kendra Flock-Womens National Team
Leigh Quinlan-Junior National Team
Neil Sedgwick-National Team Coach/Canadian World University Games Member
Larry Stefanic-Canadian World University Games Member
Alex Campbell-Victoria Highlanders Owner and Ambassador for Soccer in Victoria